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Sunny Acres was founded in 1948 by William and Merle Eaton, who purchased a farmhouse with land on Billerica Road in Chelmsford.  This began a family journey of taking care of elderly residents that would continue through today.  During the 1950's the farmhouse had multiple additions that increased the farmhouse capacity to 40 residents.  When William and Merle retired, their daughter Shirley Eaton, would begin her administration.  She would oversee multiple extensive construction projects during a 30 year period, the farmhouse nursing home then disappeared into a new and modern 93 bed nursing facility which was renamed in 2007: Sunny Acres Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

In 2014, after 45 years of Service as Administrator, Shirley Eaton is now the President and CEO, and her eldest son, Jeffrey Schwartz has assumed the responsibilities and title of Administrator of Sunny Acres Nursing & Rehab Center.      Jeff comes to us with many years of experience as a nursing home Administrator.

Today, the family journey continues with the fourth generation now assisting operations of this independently owned nursing center with a philosophy of providing the highest level of excellence in nursing care and hospitality service.

Sunny Acres has been part of the Chelmsford and Merrimack Valley for over 65 years.  We will continue to provide health care services to the elder residents in our community and employment opportunities for over 170 individuals who have a commitment and dedication to caring.

Our facility provides a State of the Art Rehab Dept offering clinical expertise in the highest quality of Skilled Therapies which allow us to offer opportunities for short term rehab with the support of our dedicated team of highly skilled Nursing, Social Services, Activity and Dietary Services.  Our Rehab Staff includes Licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists, PT Assistants, and Speech/Language Pathologists.

Sunny Acres -taking care of the people you care about- since 1948.